release SWOT analysis

Release SWOT Analysis

This assessment is a snapshot (situational analysis) of the current state of release management at your IT org and the future outlook of risks and possibilities of progress. The analysis covers the strong and weak parts of your release management at the moment of the assessment and estimates, predicts the future opportunities that can create added value to your release management and future risks of no actions, threats in case of no changes in your processes (if any). Our analysis keeps the SWOT planning tool structure of strengths and weaknesses being internal attributes while opportunities and threats are external attributes, but we usually include internal opportunities and threats considering the organisation stakeholders and forces being internal. Simply put: our SWOT regards certain forces that are outside of release management: external.


What are the roles, processes and work-products that are already in place and perform well hence there are no need to change or replace. (or which processes in place guarantee constant positive changes)


This part of the SWOT analysis tells us if there are gaps or unclarities in your release management that delay, confuse or prevent healthy release processes. (Ex.: undefined release roles, under represented stakeholders, parallel processes, missing work products, etc.)


Release opportunities are all the new changes that could enhance the overall release process. In this part of the analysis we usually introduce best-practices from our experiences and domain knowledge that are feasible in your IT organisation.


The final chapter is the list of possible risks that can effect your release management in the case of no-action, if everything stays as is or if planned changes are not sufficient or not introduced properly.

Your Release SWOT Analysis is a work-product that we deliver as a ~10-slide long slide-deck in the form of a ~60-min online presentation with a Q&A session at the end. (The slide-deck is transferred in pdf form and the presentation can be recorded for internal use.)

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