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Miklos Kadar


Miklos Kadar is an experienced release manager and coach, Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer and Founding Member of the Hungarian Telework Association.
Being the release manager of several international corporations Miklos has been diagnosing and solving digital release issues by analysis, consulting and execution since 1999. Managing digital releases of 20-70 release units at a time. Coordinating the work of several test groups, operation teams, infrastructure experts, project managers, IT security officials, internal developer teams, international vendors, business and senior management.

His various positions also included the coordination of test environment maintenance, patching and EOSL.

Release Management Training (online)


Corporations achieve higher quality, speed and efficiency of software development by focusing on Release Management. Release management is a framework that is the result of the relationship challenges between: business, portfolio, design, build, testing, operations and security. Release management works in cycles and each cycle is built up by release stages. Beyond transparency and cost efficiency the overall benefit of Release management is shorter TTM (time-to-market).

Release Managers have key roles in IT by managing release scopes, release stages (design, build, testing and cutovers) and test environments (PROD-like-code-base maintenance, infra layers, app layers and patching). Release management is also responsible for operational feedback to fulfill all CI/CD requirements (if code-base complexity allows).

Participants who complete the course and take and pass an online test receive the title “Sprint Consulting Certified Release Manager”.



The key to a successful Release Management is a strong foundation, common interpretation and shared vocabulary, which can only be established by all parties participating in the same course. In order to avoid future misunderstandings, our aim is to refresh and lift the existing release knowledge to a higher common level, to fill the gaps and to synchronize the interpretation.
Starting from the basics, in this training we ensure participants get a deep understanding of Digital Releases and build a strong foundation of Release Management – both on a theoretical and on a practical level.

The training material is approved by Sprint Consulting who is a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Ally, SA REA.


The course is aimed for people managers at all levels, coming from an Agile or non-Agile environment, aspiring to work in/with or working in/with Release Management. The following individuals will benefit from this course:

  • Executives and Leaders, Managers, Directors, CIOs, and VPs

  • Development, QA, and Infrastructure Management

  • Program and Project Managers

  • Product and Product Line Management

  • Portfolio Managers, PMO, and Process Leads

  • Enterprise, System, and Solution Architects


All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience.

However, the following prerequisites are highly recommended: 3+ years’ experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product, or project management Experience in different change management and software development methodologies.


The material is divided into 4 modules. During each module, the trainer will guide you through lectures, real life stories and exercises that help you connect the material to your existing experience, learn new concepts and experience the concepts through practice.


Module 1:

  • Introduction to Release Management

  • Release Based Delivery

  • Release Cycle Overview

  • Release Management Benefits

Module 2:

  • Release Roles and Responsibilities

  • Release Stages

  • Release Scope Management

  • Release meetings and reports

Module 3:

  • Test Environment Management

  • IT Security vs. Release (EOSL, patching, changes, pen.tests etc.)

  • Release Lessons Learnt

  • (Agile Release Train)

Module 4:

  • Top Management Objectives in Release Management

  • Release Based Delivery Transformation

  • Release Pitfalls

  • Topics brought by the audience in Lean Cafe format


Handout (English) will be provided for the participants in PDF.

The online tool used for this training is Zoom. We’ll send a unique link for each participant before the training and provide the necessary technical information at least 24 hours before the training starts. The precondition for participation and receiving the link is that the training fee arrives at least 2 days prior to the training. Precondition for participation is a camera-enabled connection and internet.

Each online module takes 2 hours.